In 1971, the Chicago-based organized crime syndicate, the Outfit, sent an enforcer to Sin City. He was to protect their casino operations and deal with interlopers and other troublemakers by any means necessary. His name was Tony Spilotro. 

To help run his empire Tony imported several heavies from Chicago. Among them was his childhood friend Frank Cullotta, who would function as Tony's street lieutenant. His assignment was to assemble a crew of thieves, arsonists, and killers to provide muscle for Tony as necessary, and carry out lucrative burglaries and robberies that Tony brought to their attention. Frank and his crew were dubbed by the news media as the Hole in the Wall Gang.
Though the 1995 blockbuster Casino attempted to tell Tony's story, no one can tell it quite like Frank. In The Rise and Fall of a 'Casino' Mobster, Frank writes about Tony's rise up the ladder to become an Outfit boss, and his subsequent fall from power and murder at the hands of the Outfit. Frank also talks about the many murders Tony committed, ordered, or planned, going so far as to name the killers in cases that are officially unsolved.