My Books (cont)

Surviving The Mob

ISBN-13: 978-1935396383


What do you do when the law wants you behind bars and the New York crime families want you buried? That was the life and death dilemma confronting Andrew DiDonato, who began his criminal career at the age of 14 under the watchful eyes of the local mob. By the time he was 17, the infamous Gambino family made DiDonato an associate of the Nicholas Corozzo crew. For the next 14 years, he was a loyal street soldier. But by 1996, DiDonato had run afoul of both the law and his friends, turning him into a hunted man on two fronts. Surviving the Mob is a cautionary tale of the harsh reality of a criminal, inmate, fugitive, and witness who, so far, has lived to tell the tale.



Rogue Town

ISBN-13: 978-1936759125


Rogue Town, by Dennis N. Griffin and Vito Colucci, Jr., is the true story of Stamford, Connecticut, a city that from 1965 through 1985 was under the stranglehold of organized crime and run by corrupt officials, it was known as one of the most corrupt cities in the country. Disgusted by what was happening in his home town, Stamford police officer Vito Colucci vowed he would do whatever it took to bring the corruption to light. It was a decision that eventually placed him in an undercover role, wearing a wire to gather evidence against senior officers in the Stamford Police Department, and nearly cost him his life.

No More Crying Angels

ISBN-13: 978-1546924692


The Shocking True Story of Bella Capo... Bella Capo, the sexually and physically abused daughter of a powerbroker, whose close associates included politicians and organized crime figures, and a drug addicted mother, spent much of her youth in foster homes and rehabilitation facilities. As a young adult she became a force on Hollywood's Sunset Strip, running clubs and after-hours clubs. After a failed marriage to an abusive husband, Bella became a boss in the Crips- the only white female to hold such a position of power in the gang at that time. She later fled Los Angeles in fear for her life when her ex-husband and his associates stalked her and threatened her with death.


Bella survived and overcame the obstacles to co-found La Bella Mafia, an online group that provides assistance and counseling to abuse victims, especially those in life-threatening situations.


This Courageous woman has now come out of hiding to share her story. It will serve as an inspiration to the hundreds of thousands of abuse victims in the United States who suffer in silence.

Hole in the Wall Gang

ISBN-13: 978-1936759217


The Hole in the Wall Gang. Frank Cullotta is a living legend to all that have a knowledge of the Chicago Outfit in Las Vegas under the eagle eyes of Tony Spilotro and Frank Cullotta.


The infamous Hole in the Wall Gang was notorious for its burglaries, mayhem and murder. In this book  Cullotta tells the stories that have never been told, all in his own words.